Sunday, September 4, 2011

Banana Boat Kota Kinbalu - Backdated 14 July 2007

This time my KK trip was FUN! The first time on Banana Boat i m a huge chicken. I was so scared when i saw the first group of my friends ride on it. They had real fun when the boat start to pull the Banana Boat which tag behind. I was so scared when i ride on the boat. When the boat start tagging the Banana Boat i screamed like a mad woman. Our friend Alvin AKA the ELEPHANT, he flew out when the wave hit our li'l Banana Boat. The first thing was he hit sylvia and then me. Gosh i had the hardest knock on our head. Man first time in my life i got hit on my head tat feels so painful! I cant believe that i kept going until sylvia shouted stop coz The Elephant's BUTT hit her on the neck which was really painful! Like u got stumped by some big ass on ur neck. The thing was its so bloody scarry. Then we continued the bloody ride when we picked Alvin up. Man after tat we all flip in the water when the boat turned. It was all fun! But i cant imagine that how does it feel...... if i take it again n again. I think i m immuned to the speed n waves.

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