Saturday, December 28, 2013

Expensive but tasty - High Tea at Rochelle Adonis

November 2013 -

I've always wanted to try this place but unfortunately, it had always been too hard to book or just goes into voicemail.

Finally, my friends decide to give a voucher to Rochelle. I brought Mr. S w me. We picked on the day of the Beaufort St festival. This is the outside of the cafe.
 The view of the Beaufort St festival from Rochelle Adonis.
 Interior of the cafe with Christmas goodies.
 Table settings with retro look.
 The entrance to another big room with a big table.

The tea leaves menu.
Our savoury platter
The finger sandwich, cucumber with dill.

The pallet cleanser, watermelon and raspberry icey pole.
Our desert platter.

December 2013 -

I went again with my cousin. We got to sit in the big table with other groups of people which is fine. But a few group of people are on our table was a bit loud which is hard to hear my cousin who was speaking to me at the time.
 The tea menu.
 Our savoury platter, I like this better then the one in Nov.
 Our pallet cleanser, watermelon and raspberry icey pole.
 Our desert platter. Personally, I think the deserts are overly sweet.

My overall experience going to this place is average. It's not like a wow that blew my socks off. It is good but on the pricy side.

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