Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Selection for lunch - Perugino

77 Outram St
West Perth, WA 6005

My co-workers decide to have a lunch out since Miss A is leaving us to head onto maternity leave for a good year. I’ve been recently been close to Miss A due to us getting coffee together. Miss A loves her food and we want to show her what’s nice around the area. We picked Peruiguno because it’s in the quiet part of West Perth we can have some intimate conversation going between 8 of us attending the lunch session.

I’ve been to Perugino previously around 10 years ago. I do recall the interior which they have a sun room where the sun shines through it. It still hasn’t changed after the 10 years. It was a nice warmish day.

Our Menu selection, quite an extensive range of food.

 This is the table setting!

We were there for lunch; they serve a 3 course lunch at $50. They are not flexible for the light eaters to have just entrée or mains. Their 3 course lunch doesn’t include tea or coffee at the end unfortunately.

I have the special of the day entrée with Squid and beans tossed with parsley.

 I have the roast duck served with balsamic vinegar. The duck is on a bigger portion side for lunch.

The mains do come with vegetables.

As for deserts, they have a massive desert trolley. I can’t believe that they let us have 3 different desert for tasting. It was really good! I had the porched pear, cream caramel and baked cheese cake, it was fab.

The highlight of the meal was the desert trolley.

Would I return to Perugino? Unless I might just want to have lunch no dinner then I might return again. 

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