Saturday, October 26, 2013

Big Portions Love - Piccos Restaurant

Piccos Kitchen
38 Peninsula Rd 
Maylands, WA 06051

It’s a lovely Saturday morning, we were heading out to Joondalup resort to attend R&P’s wedding at 2pm. Prior to the event I have a swim class early in the morning. We were just looking for somewhere to fill the tummy for breakfast.

We’ve been to Piccos Kitchen before. We are returning for the second time.

S ordered the Italian sausage, fried eggs, speciality green bacon, black pudding, grilled tomato on sourdough was exceptionally good. It was really filling and tasty. I reckon the portions are a bit on the big side but the price is also on a tiny big side as well.

I ordered the French toast. It’s very yummy! I love it! I didn’t finished the French toast as I find its also on the bigger portion side.

We will return to this place again to try their dinner menu on Thursday and Friday evening. I love the environment of this restaurant and also the food!

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