Friday, October 25, 2013

Aimless but good food - Typika Artisan Roasters

Phone: (08) 9284 6088
Fax: (08) 9284 2855

331 Stirling Hwy 


Western Australia

It’s Sunday, we don’t know where we should head for brunch. I looked on Urbanspoon, Typika Artisan Roster came up on Talk of the Town! I’ve heard of it but I had never been there before, because it’s not on the way to anywhere, other than shopping at Claremont Central which I am trying to refrain from at the moment.
We drove there using google maps. For the first instance, I thought it was in the shopping mall hence, we parked in the car park. Danger! Danger! We en route via Claremont central looked at a few items and wonder where it is.
We found Typika which is outside Claremont Central. We got there, greeted by the manager who was nice. He told us there was a wait for 15 mins; we ordered the coffee at the take away counter and waited. When it’s our turn, we were seated on a big table, which there were a lot of people who were sitting on it already.
The service is very fast and efficient which we were very happy with. There is only one standard size coffee, SS wanted to order his coffee in a mug unfortunately they don’t have it. 
The only thing they don’t have is different size coffee.

We ordered the
Golden French Toast $18.50

 French Toast served with banana, lashings of salted caramel and crisp maple-candied bacon. I love French toast to start off with the salted caramel on it it’s just heaven and also calories splurging.

Eggs Florentine (GF option) $21.00

Two soft poached eggs nestled on toast (ciabatta, cape seed*, or gluten-free*), wilted spinach and smoked salmon. Finished with hollandaise and micro herbs. SS ordered this, according to SS it tasted very good. As I am not a fish person, I am not keen with the fishy smell in it.

Typika Artisan Roasters on Urbanspoon

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