Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Memorable Ishiyaki Stonegrill - Tsunami

14 September 2013
18, Glyde St, Mosman Park

On a windy Saturday evening, we were bored cooped up in the house for the entire day. We’ve decided to head out for dinner, even the weather was looking gloomy. About two hours before hand we thought of a few places to go and we narrowed it down to Tsunami in Mosman Park.

I’ve been there about a year ago. In my memory their food was good and they have also a pianist in the evening that plays in the restaurant.

Finding parking around the restaurant is very easy and convenient; we parked about a block away and walked there. When we entered the restaurant, the waitress greeted us and brought us to our table. I love the restaurant, it have a very welcoming ambience. When we were seated, my chair was sagging to one side, I’ve requested the change and it was done straight away.

We had a look at the menu it have good description of the food.

We order entrée, Tsunami roll / Inside out with roasted black and white sesame seeds, tempura prawn & avo $16.90 and Takusan Ashii / tempura prawns in spicy sauce & soft shell crab $18. They are both superbly tasty.

 As for Mains we ordered  Ishiyaki Stonegrill Wagyu beef and scallops (4) / as above but with 4 Hokkaido scallops $39.90 and  Sukiyaki (‘nabe’ iron pot). Beef - grade 7 wagyu $29. I’ve always love the Ishiyaki Stonegrill the steak on it had always been very tasty! As for the Sukiyaki beef, the taste is blend. I am not too keen on it.

We were so full, but both of us still shared a desert which is their ice cream tasting plate, which have ginger, black sesame and green tea flavours in it. This is the first time that I’ve tasted ginger ice cream. I liked it. I’m not too keen on the black sesame ice cream.

I will return again to Tsunami for a meal again. 

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