Friday, September 27, 2013

It feels like home - Asian Golden Wok

Its a slow Friday evening, we've decide to check this new restaurant Asian Golden Wok in Innaloo.

My co-worker had mentioned to me that it taste similar like almost like home . In the Urbanspoon address, it says 388, Scarborough Beach Road, Innaloo. I wasn't very familiar with the area but it's right next to the Innaloo shopping centre. The restaurant is next door to Crust pizza that you can see from Scarborough Beach Road. 

When we found the restaurant its a cozy little joint. 

They serve the famous Sarawak delicacy. Each dish on the menu doesn't cost more then $10 which is very reasonable. 

We ordered the Tomato Kueh Tiao and the Ko Lo Mee. The ingredient that they use are very fresh, both of us loves it very much. 

I will return to this restaurant again, on a night which I am lazy to cook. Their service is very fast and efficient. 

Asian Golden Wok on Urbanspoon

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