Monday, September 30, 2013

Breakfast at the Zamia cafe in Kings Park 
May Drive, Kings Park, Western Australia 6005 (Next to Synergy Parkland)
Phone (+61 8) 9388 6700 

On Saturday, we've decided to check Zamia restaurant out for the main reason, SS wanted to check out the native plants sale in Kings Park.

I've arrived first at the restaurant, they have a selection of cakes which are displayed in the cake fridge it says that it's made daily! I am impressed about the selection of the cakes! I have a sweet tooth so does SS.

When I was at the restaurant, the ambience of the restaurant is very casual and relaxed, its surrounded by native plants and also a lake just around the corner. 

I ordered my food at the counter and paid. Then I was given a buzzer for reminding me to pick the food up. 

I've ordered Honey Toasted Hazelnut & Fruit Granola, served with fresh fruit & yogurt or stewed apple, pear, rhubarb & yogurt $14. It's very tasty and healthy!
Our coffees it's Skinny Latte and a Flat White in a mug. 

The manager saw that I was sitting at the table for a long time while waiting for SS. He took the Zamia Challenge to heat it up again. When SS arrived, he went and asked for the breakfast, the manager made a new one again just for SS. Both of us were pretty impressed with the service. 

We will return to this place again. I love the food, ambiance and service. 

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