Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maddison Cottage - Decent High Tea

Maddison Cottage

145a James Street GuildfordWA 9379 2231

Today, Aina, Anthony, Simon and I decide to have high tea. We pre booked this place in about 2 weeks in advance. They required us to pay half the deposit in advance. It's $34 per person for high tea on Saturday.

When we got there, its a very floral entrance, its a retail shop and also a cafe in the same place. I love the deco it's floral and feminine.  When we got to our table this is the table setting.

 This is how's my plate is set.

The high tea which is $34, the selection of the tea is free flow and the mini sandwich, pastry, scones and deserts are presented to us in tiers. It looks very presentable, and taste good. It's a bit too filling for all of us.
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