Sunday, September 4, 2011

My new job with EIG - Backdated 8 Sept 2006

I have been working as a sales executive for over 3 month with Esthetics International Group (EIG). I do enjoy this job alot better then the previous one that i had been. There is/are no politics because i m the only person in Sarawak in charge of it. It had been good and stressful which i can accept. I do get to travel alot which is all over Sarawak. In this line as a sales executive i met alot of people from the other company. They are from all walks of life who sales other medicine products.

I am a very quite person but when you meet these people they are the real sales people. They talk alot and are very friendly as you can broaden your network. It's an eye opening experience in this line.

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