Sunday, September 4, 2011

Banana Boat Kota Kinbalu - Backdated 14 July 2007

This time my KK trip was FUN! The first time on Banana Boat i m a huge chicken. I was so scared when i saw the first group of my friends ride on it. They had real fun when the boat start to pull the Banana Boat which tag behind. I was so scared when i ride on the boat. When the boat start tagging the Banana Boat i screamed like a mad woman. Our friend Alvin AKA the ELEPHANT, he flew out when the wave hit our li'l Banana Boat. The first thing was he hit sylvia and then me. Gosh i had the hardest knock on our head. Man first time in my life i got hit on my head tat feels so painful! I cant believe that i kept going until sylvia shouted stop coz The Elephant's BUTT hit her on the neck which was really painful! Like u got stumped by some big ass on ur neck. The thing was its so bloody scarry. Then we continued the bloody ride when we picked Alvin up. Man after tat we all flip in the water when the boat turned. It was all fun! But i cant imagine that how does it feel...... if i take it again n again. I think i m immuned to the speed n waves.

Our Kayak Session - Backdate 8 Sept 2006

Me and Sylvia decided to go Kayaking. Which is something very different from what we do in our life. At first i was very afrid of it. What if our kayak flip over what would happen and so on and so on. But after intense consideration, we got our freinds Alvin and Romana to join in as well so it formed a team of 2 with our guide we kayak its fun! I do enjoy every second of it on the kayak. Our guide even showed off that he can speak on the phone in the mid of the sea! We kayak and went to this tiny island which was very intresting. This is the most outdoor activity that i/we had done in this year!

My new job with EIG - Backdated 8 Sept 2006

I have been working as a sales executive for over 3 month with Esthetics International Group (EIG). I do enjoy this job alot better then the previous one that i had been. There is/are no politics because i m the only person in Sarawak in charge of it. It had been good and stressful which i can accept. I do get to travel alot which is all over Sarawak. In this line as a sales executive i met alot of people from the other company. They are from all walks of life who sales other medicine products.

I am a very quite person but when you meet these people they are the real sales people. They talk alot and are very friendly as you can broaden your network. It's an eye opening experience in this line.

Chick Rules

I just love this picture

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In the name of beauty - Fraxel Re-Store

I had finally made up my mind that i wanted to minimize the acne scaring on my skin and boost my self esteem. All these years, i have been feeling inferior because i have acne scaring on my face.
I read up on a few reviews that i thought was relevant. Previously, I tried the Pulsed light therapy it didn’t do much of a difference.

This time I have decided to do the heavy duty Fraxel session. It tooked me 3 years to decide that I wanted it! I have been procrastinating about it forever! Finally, I’m doing it! This is the 2nd time that I’m doing it for real and I’m following through for once! I know it’s costing me a lot, but it’s worth it.

This is the before session where they applied anaesthetic on my skin on the treated area.
 This is how it looks after a few hours after the session. It's not painful at all just sore and bit swollen.