Saturday, October 3, 2009

COLLON - My fav chilhood biscuits

When i was young like age 5, i always love this biscuit called Collon by Glica. My favourite flavour was Valina. I know it's boring but the problem was of all the flavour it tasted the best. Today i went shopping at Chinese grocery store, i saw the green tea flavour bought it and tried.. my fav is still Vanilla flavour. But its a new taste that i tried and it's good when you have no vanilla alternative.

My allergies.. from IKEA biscuits...

Over the weekend, i was thinking of the Ikea biscuits that i tested once that was very nice. So i drove over to get a few packets since it's so nice. I was very happy, came home ate 1/2 of the pack and guess what happen to my leg! Less then 24 hours, my leg was itchy! It looks like mosquito bite. The allergy didn't go away just overnite, it lasted for 3 days!