Monday, September 7, 2009

Conversation Between 2 Men at Work

Today at work, i was sitting at my computer feeling bored. Then i heard this conversation between 2 engineers. This is how the conversation starts.

Guy1: Hey, can you help me with this?
Guy2: What’s the problem there?
Guy1: I don't know how to work my address finder, can you assist me with this?
Guy2: Yeah.
-He starts clicking using the mouse and keyboard-
Guy1: How did u do that?
Guy2: I just use the short cut.
Guy1: Whoa, you are good!
Guy2: Nah, i m not. I m just being lazy.
Guy1: Yes, you are.
Guy2: Cleaver people remember the emails, lazy people remembers the short cut keys.
Guy1: I don’t know either of these two tactics.

Me sitting there at the other side thinking so this "Guy1" must be like -STUPID-?! Then..... man....

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