Monday, September 28, 2009

My Best Freind's Wedding Announcement

Today, i got a surprise announcement for a wedding invitation. My best gf of many years, we had an agreement that whoever get married one will be each other's bridesmaid, we knew each other since senior high. My gf Sylvia is getting married! She did mentioned perviously that she is getting married before Chinese New Year but now she just informed me that she is getting married this Nov 2009. Time flies that we had graduated from high school 11 years already.

This is a picture of me and her at Rainforest 2008. We are best Friend of all. Coz we both had the connection! I am so overwhelmed and happy for you dear. As you have found the man that you have decide to live your life together forever. I am honor to be your bridesmaid dear...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Safety First

I am currently working for a service provider for oil and gas industry. During working hours, everybody have to comply by the safety procedures. The procedure that i first came across is that when you are sitting in the car, everybody in the car needs to buckle up. If one of the passenger who doesn’t buckle up everybody including the manager will be FIRED!

This is the new procedure that i first came across. The reason being behind that i was from another industry before. Safety wasn't a huge concern in that pervious industry before, sales was the important factor.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Conversation Between 2 Men at Work

Today at work, i was sitting at my computer feeling bored. Then i heard this conversation between 2 engineers. This is how the conversation starts.

Guy1: Hey, can you help me with this?
Guy2: What’s the problem there?
Guy1: I don't know how to work my address finder, can you assist me with this?
Guy2: Yeah.
-He starts clicking using the mouse and keyboard-
Guy1: How did u do that?
Guy2: I just use the short cut.
Guy1: Whoa, you are good!
Guy2: Nah, i m not. I m just being lazy.
Guy1: Yes, you are.
Guy2: Cleaver people remember the emails, lazy people remembers the short cut keys.
Guy1: I don’t know either of these two tactics.

Me sitting there at the other side thinking so this "Guy1" must be like -STUPID-?! Then..... man....