Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An Italian Christmas - Jamie's Italian

I’ve booked Jamie’s Italian since S kept complaining about us not going there. I’ve been to Jamie’s Italian three times previously.
The first three times when I was there I didn’t think the food was fabulous. S kept insisting that he wants to try. Hence I’ve booked in advance for Christmas Eve @ 1:45pm.
It was on the 24 December, we arrived at the restaurant for a good early 15 mins and our table was ready within 5 mins of waiting. Our waitress brought us to our seat and gave us the menu. We were seated at the far right corner of the restaurant. She then went away to bring us water but it did take a while to get water to our table.
We ordered the Cured meats for 1 person $14 as we weren’t very hungry. The Cured meat consist of  Italian prosciutto, Wagyu bresaola, finocchio; artisanal mortadella. It tasted very good indeed; I love the cured meats that tasted just right with the right saltiness! I strongly recommend if you feel like cold meats this is the one that you should order.

For our sides, we ordered the Famous Polenta Chips $8.50 crispy fried with rosemary salt & Parmesan. It tasted so good! I loved it with the right saltiness and I felt a fraction healthy ignore the deep fired bit. It just hit my spot!

S ordered the Black angel spaghetti $25 Squid-ink pasta, scallops, chilli, anchovies, wine & capers. The scallops were spare, the squid-ink pasta is a bit too al dente to our liking. The overall taste was pretty blend. S didn't event like the dish.
Baked King Salmon $26.50 With whipped lemony artisanal ricotta, balsamic-roasted veg & a zesty, crunchy salad. I can actually make it better then what it tastes in the restaurant. I was disappointed with it. As for the dimension of taste that goes into your mouth it was just one dimension it was salty.

Rasberry and chocolate-ripple panlova $10 Mascarpone cream, peppered seasonal berries, smashed honeycomb with a drizzle of dark chocolate. The panlova was hard and sticky on the bottom.

The enviroment of the restaurant is rustic. We like the set up of the restaurant. The food came fast which is very efficient in the kitchen. Is it worth the money? I don't think so. The food was average tasting. I am not likely to return to this restaurant. Unless a freind suggested to go but not my own will.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

A Green Day - The Raw Kitchen

Prior of going to The Raw Kitchen. I was very sceptical about going to a vegan or raw food place.Personally I am not into those foods, when I was young; I never liked vegetables much. I’ve always love my meats.

I met up with my previous co-workers, which I haven’t seen for a while. One of them is a vegan and the other one said had you been to The Raw Kitchen? So we venture out to Fremantle, parking is easy on a Sunday. There is the multi storey car park just around the corner to it. 

Inside The Raw Kitchen the deco is very earthy. 

The waitress greeted me and showed me to the table. I was given the menu. I was thirsty so I ordered a Summer Green - Organic spinach, cucumber, mango, mint, lemon, dates, $9.50. It tasted very green, the price is a bit steep.

As for mains, we ordered the Warm winter pizza - sweet potato, apple sauerkraut, preserved lemon, cinnamon oil and spring onion $24 
I like the base of the pizza, it tasted very good.  

The Yellow coconut curry - spicy Margaret river tempeh, broccoli, sweet potato, sugar snap peas, crispy shallots, lime, fresh chili; coriander with a side of quinoa $25 
I like the coconut curry its to my liking.


Live zucchini pasta with tomato pasta sauce, avocado, mushroom, Kalamata, olives, basil, Parmesan and; crack black pepper $23
It tasted very good indeed quite surprising.

After having a meal at The Raw Kitchen, my thoughts on their food was very tasty surprisingly and I am very open to going back there again. Even I was feeling full, it wasn't the sensation that you feel like you are sickly full on your normal meals. 

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