Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Relaxing Saturday - Harvest Espresso

Harvest Espresso
629 Albany Hwy 
Victoria ParkWA

On Saturday, my car was due for a service center nearby. It was nice enough that Mr. S came by and picked me up for breakfast from the service center.

Victoria Park is one of the suburb that I hardly go to. Its further away from where I live, unless I have friends that want to head over that way for a meal, I will go. If not it will not be an option in my selection. 

It's a cosy restaurant with 6 tables inside and 2 outside. 

We ordered Bubble and Squeak. 

It tasted really good and the presentation of the food looks good that add extra points. 

I've ordered 

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Best Ribs in Town - De Cribs

De Cribs
22 Eastbrook Terrace 
East Perth 6004
(08) 9202 1292

It's February, we've decided to catch up with Mr and Mrs Loong and also Mr S. I always gone back to the same cycle of restaurants. I've decided to change the cycle, looked on the entertainment book website and checked out De Cribs in East Perth.

It was a Friday evening, I've made reservation at the restaurant. Parking in East Perth is a bit of a hassle. 

We went in and sat down in the restaurant. I've heard from word of mouth that the restaurant's ribs are famous. So we tried 3 of their famous ribs. 

De Ribs
24 hour marinated ribs, slow cooked to mouth watering perfection then finished on a char grilled where they are glazed with your choice of De Cribs special sauce (original, honey or smoked) served with your choice of side (baked potato, corn, coleslaw, crunchy fries or royal blue mashed potato) and salad.

Lamb ribs $32.00 with coleslaw

Pork Ribs $36.00 corn cobb

Beef ribs $29.00 crunchy fries

The ribs overall are very tasty. I will strongly recommend the pork and the lamb. The beef ribs are a bit on the dry side. 

De Burger

Hand pulled ribs meat with cheese, mix lettuce, tomato, red onion and bacon topped with aioli and De Cribs special BBQ sauce on burger buns served with crunchy fries.

We do like the buyer, the bun itself is very tasty. If you leave the buyer for a while and come back and eat it. The bottom bit of the bun gets soggy thats the down part of it. But some people do like soggy burger but not too much to my preference. 

Pork $19.00

 Pull Beef $16.00

Buffalo chicken wings
Crispy wings tossed in our classic buffalo wing sauce served with blue cheese dressing. $15

We all love the buffalo wings. It's like the all time favourite! You can't go wrong with it. 

I will absolutely return to this restaurant again. 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Japanese and decent price - Izakaya Sakura

Izakaya Sakura
2/182 James St
Northbridge 6003

Opening Hours: Wednesday till Monday evenings ONLY (Closed on Tuesday)

It was a really hot week in Perth. We've decided to catch up to have something light. Our food blogger friend suggested that we should head out to Izakaya Sakura in Northbridge. We've made reservation in the restaurant at 6:30pm. Prior to that we met up in the city, it was like at 38 degree Celsius day! Even after work around 5pm it felt like 36 degree Celsius. We decided to head to Presotea on Barrack St to cool down and head to the restaurant in Northbridge.

This is the menu of the restaurant. Looks very modern and also with photos so if a person who doesn't know much of Japanese cruisine they will know what to order.

While we are walking towards the restaurant, all of us are sweating. The temperature haven't dropped a single bit! I felt like grilling under the heat and humidity. When we arrived at the restaurant, there is a cool breeze coming out from the restaurant. It's their air conditioning working, all of us rushed into the restaurant to be seated and cool down. On that specific day, I felt like I need a sparkling water!

This is the display of the menu outside the restaurant. This is very visual and we understand more of what it is.

The group is a total of 7 of us. We've decided to ordered 10 dishes it consist of

A complementary chicken skin as a starter. A very interesting dish, which is not to our liking.

Eggplant Dengkasu $8

Grilled Squid $10

Karaage Chicken $10

Spider Roll $15

Sashimi Sakura $33

Snapper Chili Ponzu $16

Kaki Fry Oyster$12

Whole Eel Don $18

Cold Zaru Soba $8

Taiyaki $8 The desert is the highlight. I love the red bean fish shaped pancake. It taste awesome!

The overall presentation was very good. The food is very tasty. Only the Whole Eel Don is a bit on the salty side.

The total bill came up to $35 per person. It's very reasonable! I will return to the restaurant again.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good Breakfast but Small Portion - Bread in Common

Bread in Common
43 Pakenham Street 

On a boring Saturday morning, Mr S and I  are brain storming to decide where to go. We've finally decided to head to Bread in Common in Fremental. I've heard about this place for a while but I just haven't got around to get there due to the reason that we've been so busy for Christmas. 

As we are not familiar to where to park we found a pretty close spot to the restaurant. I like the deco of the restaurant. It's a mordern warehouse, with lights hanging off the celing. We stood at the counter for around 5 mins to wait to be seated. There wren't alot of people in the restaurant but the service I would consider is a bit slow to be seated. They were just clearning up a table, I reckon customers should be served first.

We've ordered a salad and and a squid dish. They are very tasty! It's on the pricy side and the dishes are small serving. The food are very tasty.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Average Breakfast - The Terrace Hotel

The Terrace Hotel
237 St Georges Terrace 

Friday morning, we were feeling a bit peckish. It was one of those lazy days, we've decided to head to The Terrance Hotel since they advertise all day $3 coffee. 

I suggest just grab the coffee if you just want a coffee. The food is just average. I've order the french toast, bacon and maple syrup with clotted cream and it taste all right $16. 

Would I return to The Terrace Hotel again? Maybe just for the coffee the food is just average. I am not sure if I like their food. 

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Meal in Adelaide - Nu Thai

Nu Thai
117 Gouger St 
AdelaideSA 5000

I've just arrived in Adelaide at 10:00pm, picked up the rental car and started driving. It's my first time in Adelaide, have no sense of direction only looking at the GPS to guide my way to Gouger Street which the the restaurant street in the to see what I can find to fill my tummy.

I've parked my car by the road side and sat there for a moment to gauge where I am. We walked around the area to check out different restaurants which are open at this time of the night.

We walked pass a nice Thai restaurant, called Nu Thai! It looks very nice and the girl was taking the sign in as they are going to close their shop. I asked if we could have a quick meal in the restaurant, they were nice enough for us to sit down.

The exterior of the restaurant looks modern, with the modern sign.
Flat Prawn Spring Rolls (4pcs) $12.0 the ingredient consist minced prawns with pastry served plum sauce

Ginger Chicken $18.9 sliced chicken stir fried with chilli, ginger, onion, capsicum & zucchini

My overall experience of the food that we ordered was good and I will return to this restaurant if I live in Adelaide or the next time in town. 

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick Party Bites Recipe

We are invited to a street party just before Xmas.

We forgot to check the mailbox for some reason and forgot to RSVP. I panic when she came across and asked if we are coming to the street party. Just because I have nothing to bring across.

I went to the grocery store "The Herdsman" at Churchlands to get the pastry call Filo ettes. They are little case that you can fill your cheese and ham in.

Filoettes x 1 case
Fetta Cheese x 1/4 block finely chopped
Cajun x A dash
Mix herbs x A dash
Tomato x 1 finely chopped
Salami x 3 slice finely chopped

Mix everything in a bowl with a fork other then the filoettes.

After mixing everything together, fill the filo ettes. 
Bake it for 10 mins at 160 deg.
The picture below is the end result.