Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monday Quiz Night – Varsity Bar

I kept post phoning my catch-up with my cousin twice now. Finally, we made it! We updated the news to each other. All very exciting!

We picked Varsity Bar because I heard good reviews about their food. My American co-worker was raving about it. Hence, I give it a try. It’s pretty close to the taste like home that’s what they said.

We got there around 5:30pm on a Monday evening. There was hardly anybody. We picked a table and sat down. Both of us looked at the menu for what to order. It’s a very casual and laid back bar with university students and career minded people.

By7pm,it was full of people who were there just for the quiz night. The crowd at Varsity Bar was nice. 

We ordered the Varsity Death Wings – 8Pcs friend chicken wings, insanely hot & celery sticks $15

When it arrived, I ate the first one, it does feel hot. But when I had the second wing O.M.G it was so hot that I need to order a milkshake to tone it down.

Their milk shake is served in a big and a small Pyrex measurement cup! I ordered the strawberry cheesecake milkshake!

I was happy with the serving by drinking half of it. I was feeling really full.
Chicken N Waffles – Lemon thyme waffles, buttermilk fried chicken & spicy maple syrup $26. The serving is so large that we only ate half of it and it tasted pretty awesome! We love it!

Piggy Back – Hot dog topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, house cheese whip and chipotle BBQ sauce. $18

This is the only item that we finished! It tasted very good.

Although, I love this place, with calories counting we need to watch what we eat. This would be a place that we pig out and I love their food.

When we were there on Monday night, they had a quiz night and it was pretty awesome.

It’s all about superheros. I am not a nerd but my cousin did have some help from her buds. We called our team "Wonder Boobies" putting on my sudo creative hat on. Our team only had 2 of us hence, we didn't score that well with our quiz but we did have alot of fun! The people around us were friendly as well. We had such a great time with good food! We will absolutely return to Varsity Bar!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fusion Korean - The Gaya Applecross

We got invited to go taste The Gaya Applecross. I wanted to try this restaurant for a while but unfortunately every time when we dine out, we never got around to go. Finally, I am here!

Before I arrived at the restaurant thinking it’s another smoky BBQ flavoured Korean restaurant. But when I got there, I was surprised of what’s on offer.

When I stepped into this restaurant, I was greeted by the friendly waitress. My friend Deborah joined me after while I was waiting for Deborah, I just had water. 

The interior of the restaurant was simple and comfortable. 

The starter of the first dish that was offered to us was the Rice pancake and fried cheese. We both love the fried cheese; the rice pancake was not bad either.

Beef cream roll (beef, asparagus, Enoki, capsicum, cucumber, cream cheese)  $14 GF. Asparagus, cream cheese, Enoki mushroom, capsicum and cucumber wrapped with thinly sliced beef with Gaya special sauce

I like the taste of the cream cheese with the beef with Enoki mushroom. It’s the first time that I taste beef with cream cheese with Enoki mushroom the taste of the dish is savory and sweet at the same time.

You can never leave a Korean restaurant not tasting their Korean style pancake. 

Hence, we ordered Seafood jijimi (spring onion, onion, carrot, squid, fish, flour) $14 Korean traditional style pancake squid and fish with vegetable served with chilli soy sauce. It hit all the right spot in my taste buds.

As for mains, we are in the mood of beef, so we ordered the beef short rib (beef short rib, parsnip, red date, potato, carrot)  $30 GF. Traditional Korean style slow cooked beef short ribs in broth of red dates and parsnip chips with rosemary potato and carrot.

It comes in a huge serving. We didn’t expect it to be so big! We tried to finish the dish.

I’ve picked the Gaya Combo (Korean mackerel, rice, seasonal vegetable)  $30 GF
K-style combo meal served grilled Korean mackerel(bone) and chef choice 6sidedish with rice and soup

I normally I am not a big fan of fish, but this evening we felt like Korean Mackerel! The serving of this dish is a tad smaller than the beef short ribs. I love the Mackerel it’s very nicely cooked.

Never the last we were so full but yet we still want to try the final dish Desert!
Gaya Ho-Tuck (homemade) $8
Korean style sweet pan cake inside dark brown sugar walnut sunflower seed and pine nut

You are never too full for desert that’s what my brain told me and yes we tried the Ho-Tuck and it tasted very nice! The sweetness of the pancake was just right wasn’t too sweet.

This is me and Leo who is the owner of The Gaya Applecross.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Tingle My Taste Buds- Recipe Restaurant

I am on a Scoopon craze at the moment because there are so much good deals on it.

This time, I’ve bought Recipe Restaurant in East Perth from Scooopon dinner for two @ $49, it's such a good deal. I’ve rang up and book, the person who was taking my booking was very polite. The decor of the restaurant is simple but nice. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by the friendly waitress and the waiter. The waitress showed us to the table which have a really good view of the river and the sunset.

We were offered a drink each, Mr S orders their house red wine and I got a glass sparkling wine.

They showed us the menu, this is the first time I have Persian food, it’s an experience. I have Persian co worker told me about his culture and food. 

The entree that was offered to us are such a big selection, but we picked these two dishes for entree.

Kashke Bademjan: delicious blend of roasted eggplant, onion, lentil, garlic, spice, walnut and mint served with dried Whey, saffron and two slices of rosemary Turkish Bread. I love the Turkish bread with eggplant dip, they have a strip of herbs on top of the restaurant.

Kookoo Sibzamini: potato frittata with saffron served with two slices of rosemary Turkish Bread. I love the potato fritters. Each of the fritters are full of flavours the infusion of herbs and spices are just overwhelming. Like an explosion of new taste, tingling your taste buds.

Between the eggplant dip and the potato fritters, I love the potato fritters better.

The mains that we order are Koobideh (two skewers of finely seasoned hand ground lamb, served with fluffy saffron rice, grilled tomato, barbeque chilli pepper and shirzi salad)

Jujeh (One skewer of tender juicy pieces of chicken, marinated in lemon juice, capsicum, onion and saffron, served with saffron, grilled tomato, barbeque jalapeno pepper and shirzi salad)

We liked the Jujeh Skewer Chicken better then the Koobideh ground lamb. 

Traditional Persian Ice Cream. The overpowering saffron taste in the ice cream which is not to my preference. 

Nan Khamei (home style profiterole cream puff pastry). I like this one instead. The taste is a very westernised profiterole. I like this desert the best. 

My overall review was fair. I will want to try different selection of the persian food. I will go back with my friends and try different food. 

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trendy Lip Balm and color - EOS and Eve Lom

I've been searching for a different lip balm. I used to Mentholatum but I am getting over it, since I can't get it here.

I went to Mecca Cosmetica in Claremont, at that moment, I was just wanting red lip stick. Instead of coming home with just one red lip stick, I came back with Eve Lom Kiss Mix as well. The makeup artist mentioned that my lip was a bit dry and she recommended Eve Lom Kiss Mix to me. I love the Eve Lom Kiss Mix coz it have a bit of a shimmer and also the cooling sensation at the end when you applied on your lips. At $30 for 7ml of lip balm is on the pricy side.

I've also been reading up on EOS lip balm "Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a global company that makes a number of skin care products such as shaving cream, hand lotions, and EOS lip balm. The company focuses on selling all-natural skin products that are created from fruit and botanical extracts. EOS lip balm is designed to soothe chapped lips and protect the skin with vitamin E, which helps the skin lock in moisture. All of the company’s products are environmentally friendly, as the company strives to diminish the carbon footprint of its manufacturing operations. EOS lip balm is claimed to be manufactured chemical-free" (Quoted from The Dermatology Reivew) Thats why I picked it. The first time I used the lip balm, it have a minty smell and it tasted sweet. The after effect is a cooling sensation that I really like and feels hydrating. I got this from the website. They are selling it at $10.50 each at 7ml as well. If you live in the US it's only USD$3.29 each! Unforutnately, I live in the expensive part of the world hence things cost double to purchase.

It's for you to decide which do you prefer. I like both of them, I leave one at work and one in my handbag to go. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Leopard Lodge - African Feast

336 Karoborup Road 
Carabooda, WA 6033

I've been on a shopping spree recently on Groupon and came across to the African Feast + Sparkling Wine. I bought it! 

The Leopard lodge is located in Carabooda. I've never heard of Carabooda before. Hence, I looked on google map, its around 1 hour away from Perth city. I've booked on Sunday lunch hence we can have a nice drive up north to Carabooda.

When we arrived at The Leopard Lodge, we were greeted by the friendly owner at the door even know what's my name. I love the African deco in the restaurant looks very nice!

We were seated at the table. I've order the Guava juice as extra on top of the voucher coz I wasn't feeling well. We got a bottle of sparking wine. That came with the voucher that I've bought.

The homemade garlic bread tasted very good, it was made from corn with garlic and baked in the oven and was finished off with butter and garlic on top. 

The share Tribal Feast Tasting Plate, featuring rump steak with ribs, beer-battered chips with choice of sauces, South African boerewors sausage, mieliepap (African polenta), bobotie, yellow rice, char-grilled chicken and roasted vegetables. When it was served, it came on a huge plate. We didn't finish it coz it was too much! i would suggest 3 people to share the plate instead of 2! 

The dessert of homemade voortrekker (sticky date) pudding and ice cream the sticky date pudding was warm and fluffily! It tasted very good!

The Leopard Lodge offers a buffet which caters for 20 people at $35. Which is a very good deal. They even have a tent to go with the African tent feel! We will return to try it out with our group of friends. 

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Breadtop - Asian style bakery best in town

Shop 1166/7 
Westfield Carousel 
1382 Albany Hwy 
Cannington 6107

One Saturday morning, I took the dog to the trimmer and the vet. It was in Belmont. I haven't been to Westfield Carousel for a while, I've decided to venture out that way. While I am waiting for her to get trimmed.

When I entered Westfield Carousel, I was surprised how much it had changed. I noticed straight away there is a new Asian bakery store called Breadtop! How I missed Asian bakery. Ever since I've arrived in Australia, I haven't found any good Asian bakery. Breadtop is the first one.

When you entered the shop you can actually see how fresh their bread and pastries are. They even sell baked and also mochi skin moon cake for the mooncake festival with a 20% discount on it!

We bought my all time favourite, pork floss bun, mochi mooncake, red bean buns in a bag. They all tasted very good. I will return again to get some more!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Good Breakfast - Architects and Heroes

I haven't blogged for a while. Being a bit rusty and now writing about previous places that I've been for the last 3 months or so.

I've look on Urbanspoon as a guide to see where the new restaurants which are recently opened. We picked Architects and Heroes in Subiaco. It was a Saturday morning, prior to our weekly groceries shopping we tend to eat out before purchasing anything.

We got to the cafe, there was a small queue so we ordered our coffee first and wait to be seated. The deco of the cafe is very modern with the wall art of comics. I love the wood finish tables and bench. Our wait was only a 5 mins wait till we got a seat.

I had a looked at the menu, it was healthy, I ordered the spicy avocado and Mr. S ordered the Elmar's Kransky. 

When we were seated the waitress came and asked if we liked our water still or sparkling. Fancy! 

As we scoffed down our breakfast. We have their coffee it was average. Both of us loves their breakfast, its full of flavours and herbs. We will absolutely come back again!

 Spicy avocado with cream cheese on fluffy english muffin - Vegan option

 Elmars Kransky, sauté field mushroom, caramelised onion and choice of egg, on New Norcia bread finish with balsamic glaze, spanish Jamôn with rosemary and parmesan. (Extra bacon)

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